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What is Alive by Design?

Alive by Design is an interactive and action-packed presentation covering three powerful principles that cause you to never look at your life and health the same way ever again!

SESSION 1 – Created to Live Learn how your body was created to function and heal and why it is your God-given responsibility to take care of your health. You can become the 1 in 1000th person who is healthy, pain-free and living the life he was meant to live after 60!

SESSION 2 – Eat to Live Unlock the nutritional principles that will transform your health. Diets don’t work! Follow a health plan based on the Bible and proven by science. Learn to eat like an elephant and look like a gazelle while eliminating unnecessary toxins in your body. Learn cutting-edge nutritional secrets to personalize your diet based on your cellular function and your busy schedule.

SESSION 3 – Move to Live Your body was created to move and functions best when it is moving regularly. Dr. Zaino will help you understand exercise and how it can completely change your life in only 12 minutes per week! During these strategic 12 minutes of exercise per week watch the fat melt off, while experiencing new energy and balance.

Doctor's around the world play this DVD in their waiting room so their patients can learn this valuable and principled health information.  This DVD motivates and educates people to take care of their health like never before.  Don't wait, get your copy today!

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